The Camalot Prodigy platform employs a combination of industry proven technologies into an easy to use, reliable and accurate dispensing system. The Prodigy utilizes open architecture to dispense a wide range of applications.
Equipment included in basic configuration:
· Left to Right 5mm inserted conveyor in addition to auto-width adjustment (optional 3 mm spacers included in kit book tab)
· Conveyor lengths of 830 and 1270 mm based on configurable options
· Ethernet Camera system with fixed lens (standard or high magnification), Pre-Dispense/Purge station, XYZ needle calibration station
· Computer, monitor, trackball, keyboard, and right side monitor mount
· Electronic Digital readout air pressure gauges saved with each Benchmark program
· Blue,Yellow,Red and Green lens light tower with audible alarm
· Auto switching power supply (200-250 VAC, 20A, 50/60 HZ)

· Maximum 13" x 10" (330 x 250 mm) heated dispense area or 18" x 22" clamping ability for SMT
· Standard X-Y accuracy +/- 0.0014" at 3 Sigma (35 microns)
· Standard Z accuracy +/- 0.001" at 3 Sigma (25 microns)
· Total System Accuracy +/- 0.002" at 3 Sigma (50 microns)
· 40,000 DPH w/635SD pump and standard CAMALOT test pattern (3mm dot pitch)
· 50,000 DPH w/SmartStream pump and standard CAMALOT test pattern (3mm dot pitch)
· Camalot Benchmark Software with Microsoft Windows® XP/7 user interface

Nano Shot - Next Generation Jetting Technology with Drop on Demand Dispensing

NanoShot is the next generation of “jetting” technology. Offering high speed, up to 600 Hz, and ultra-fine resolution with dot sizes < 300 microns, this patent-pending pump features state-of-the- art motion control technology, simple maintenance, quick changeover, and a low cost of ownership.

Closed-loop architecture results in >30% improved repeatability over current pump technology. This translates directly into higher yields and throughput through tighter process control. Patent- pending controls use real-time feedback from every piston cycle to ensure accurate and repeatable strokes with micron-level resolution. This level of process control is perfectly matched to Nanoshot’s high speeds and micro dot sizes for outstanding process capability, repeatability, and optimum throughput.


• Speeds up to 600 Hz
• Dot sizes < 300 microns
• Single shot weights <0.005mg
• Capable of 50,000 DPH
• Auto-tune for automatic calibration
• Minimal maintenance, quick changeover
• Patent pending
• Low cost of ownership

  Ideally suited for underfill, UV material, SMA, flux and other small volume demanding applications.
Proprietary software controls calibrate the pump and enable targeting dot volumes per program with a single hardware set and no operator hardware manipulation.


When combined with the Camalot® Prodigy™ dispenser, the user has an unbeatable combination of speed, precision, capacity, and possibilities:

• Up to 50% increase in UPH
• 25% less floor space
• +/- 35 microns @ 3 sigma XY accuracy
• 1.5g peak acceleration
• Dual head configurability
• Lowest cost of ownership
The Camalot Prodigy dispenser employs breakthrough innova- tions to enable higher processing speeds, more precise dispense accuracies, and tighter tolerances. Prodigy is a new platform, equipped with a state-of-the-art X Y gantry system that is at the heart of this next generation dispenser. Linear drive technology, refined motion control architecture, and a rigid, inno- vative frame design enable fast point-to-point moves at 1.5g of acceleration. Prodigy offers an impressive XY dot placement accuracy of +/-35 microns @3 sigma at full system speed for an unmatched level of performance.