Speedline - Electrovert - Reflow - OmniMax 10
The Electrovert OmniMax series reflow system is designed to deliver maximum thermal performance combined with process capability and control. The OmniMax platform offers a combination of industry proven technologies in an easy to use, reliable and efficient reflow system for high-end production requirements. From lead free-free to hybrid processing, the OmniMax delivers high performance thermal processing combined with nitrogen and power consumption efficiencies that set the standard for low cost of ownership.
Highlighted Specifications
· Lead free process validated and optimized
· Left to right conveyor direction
· Capable of 350 deg C
· Independent chambers for heating and cooling each with a power lift
· Ten (10) heating zones with one (1) forced convection blower on the top and bottom in each zone
· Active topside and bottomside heating chamber technology
· Three (3) cooling zones with one (1) forced convection blower on the top in each zone
· Independent closed loop blower for each blower in heating and cooling zones for optimal process set-up and control.
· Blower fail detection for each blower (heating and cooling)
· Exhaust flux filters to capture process volatiles
· Integrated exhaust failure switch monitors exhaust flow
· Comprehensive 3 years parts and 1 year labor warranty

  • Process Controls and Traceability
  • Heating Transfer Technology
  • Air Cooling Technology
  • Nitrogen Cooling Technology
  • Intelligent Flux Control (IFC)
  • Conveyor Technology
  · Visual based graphical interface with Microsoft Windows® XP
· User programmable security levels, maintenance timers, and alarms
· Computer controlled process changeover to ensure correct process parameters
· Data logging and process trending are standard features
· Optional rail heat technology offers additional thermal control
· Optional bar code feature offers process and product traceability
· The optional OmniCheck provides an additional level of process control with redundant monitoring of temperatures and conveyor speeds
  · Blowers and fan are one balanced unit - easily removed in five (5) minutes
· Independent closed loop blower speed control
· Infinite blower speed control range between 1200-2640 RPM (60 RPM increments)
· Independent blower failure detection with alarm
· Heat on intake with finned heaters technology for efficient heat transfer and reliability
· The optional IHTSC (Independent High Temperature Safety Circuit provides an additional level of backup against thermal runaway
  · Cooling air flow is outside and away from process area for dripless cooling
· Infinite blower speed control range 1200-2640 RPM (60 RPM increments)
· Independent cooling zone access provides ease of maintenance
  · Cooling flow is outside and away from process area for dripless cooling
· Infinite blower speed control range (1200-2640 RPM)
· Independent access capability for ease of maintenance
· Patent pending diffuser plate eliminates potential for liquid build up that may drip into the process area
· Tool less removal of radiators for ease of maintenance
  · Feature allows performing maintenance on collection system without stopping production
· Patented multi stage flux collection system for reduced maintenance
· Multi unit design captures volatiles as they are released (4 units in 10 zone)
· Self cleaning system allows volatiles to collect in jars
· Alarm based notification of when to perform maintenance
  · A full range of conveyor features offer complete flexibility depending on production throughput requirements.
· The optional pin chain conveyor is designed for precision, durability, and ease of maintenance
· A combination of linear slides and guides combined with precision screw shafts support the pin chain conveyor in 5 locations (10 zone)
· An input photocell option provides on screen product tracking within process chamber
· The optional Automatic Oiling system allows for automatic oiling to the pin chain conveyor system
· The Center Board Support option is synchronized with the pin chain and includes computer controlled width positioning, auto height retractable, and park features
· The optional SMEMA 35 DualTrack Dual Lane conveyor system provides increased throughput capability