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  MPM Momentum Printer - Reliable, Capable, Flexible and Simple  
The MPM Momentum printer continues to sustain Speedline's market leadership position. The printer is the perfect union of reliability, capability, flexibility and simplicity. With its +/- 12.5 micron at 6 sigma accuracy and repeatability, it surpasses all other competition in a similar price and performance range.
Momentum Standard Features:  
  Patented Single Camera Vision Alignment System
MPM's Patented Look-Up/Look-Down technology ensure board-to-stencil alignment is accurate and repeatable
No moving optical parts guarantee durability and reliability
Flexibility to recognize unlimited number of fiducial image patterns through enhanced vision recognition strategies
  Benchmark Software
Window Operating System anchors Speedline's "Benchmark" software standard offering stability and ease of use.
Software developed, tested and released from Speedline Headquarters. No third party development ensuring software integrity.
Easy programming and on-board software wizards make programming and operation simple and efficient.
Touch screen friendly option available.
  Patented Ultrawipe Stencil Cleaner
Patented solvent bar delivers maximum control of solvent application increasing yields.
Paper over plenum design reduces maintenance by filtering particles through the paper
Provides unassisted cleaning of the bottom of the stencil for maximum uptime and increased yields
Improved paper routing for fast and easy change-over.
Low noise Vacuum pump housed within the printer frame

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  • Momentum Options: 2
  • Momentum Options: 3
  • Momentum Options: 4
Auto Paste Dispenser (Jar Type)
Syringe type solder paste packaging may not be easily available in some area or it can be rather expensive
MPM had developed a New Jar Type solder paste dispenser for customer to have an alternative over syringe tube packages
Benefits includes
- Lower cost for Jar type packaging
- Easy changeover with assembly located in front of the print head
- Minimize paste replenishment cycle with dual jar capability
Patent Pending Squeegee Head

Motor Driven Squeegee System provides maximum force control
Patent pending "calibration compliance routine" automatically compensates for varying blade length and stiffness to ensure consistent force  Patent pending close loop squeegee option provides the highest level of accuracy and responsiveness

Post Print Inspection
Contrast based 2D pad inspection, bridge detection and under stencil inspection to increase quality and yield.
RapidViewTM Inspection with faster motion design delivers high speed inspection maximizing throughput. Process time to 100% inspect a typical cell phone board drops from 71 seconds to 21 seconds (70% improvement).
Inspection results are quantified to the component pad level and on-board SPC makes analysis clear and precise.
Speedline's patented texture based inspection sees paste between pads and surrounding stencil apertures to prevent defects.
EnclosedFlow: MPM's  

Automatic Support Pin Placement System

System automatically places support pins in a software programmable pattern simplifying both initial setup and product changeover
48 tooling pin carousel located in the front of the worknest for easy access
Tooling pins are returned to the carousel during product changeover providing more time for the operators to work on other operations
Eliminates the need for custom workholders and manually placed pins used with double sided assemblies eliminating excessive costs

EdgeLoc® Snugging System
MPM's EdgeLoc board clamping system takes board handling to the next level
The EdgeLoc system uses software controlled pressure for the optimal board holding force, and automatically adjusts to match the programmed board thickness
This unique solution firmly holds the board without the use of top clamps; delivering optimal stencil to board gasketing which is proven to yield higher paste release efficiency and reduced need for under stencil wiping
Camalot Inside - Integrated Dispensing Option
MPM's flexible solution for basic level dispensing for solder paste and glue addition after stencil printing
Integrates Camalot's patented and time-tested technology into MPM's Award winning platform
Unique capability for dispensing either 2 different material types or a two value solutions for similar material but different needle sizes, giving a wide capability for dot size range
Height sensing is accomplished with Laser technology and the correction is made with the machine Z axis


A high speed stencil cleaning solution that improves stencil cleaning performance and reduces cycle time when using solvent.
RapidClean’s advanced plenum combines a vacuum and solvent stroke into a single wiper stroke
Reduce 3 wipe strokes to 2 for a solvent, vacuum and dry cycle, which is the most effective cleaning sequence.
When using solvent, RapidClean reduces stencil cleaning cycle times by 5 – 6 seconds over the standard wiper.

Adjustable Stencil Adapter with pneumatic clamping
A cost effective, easy to use solution for customers that need to handle different size stencils.
Stencil Sizes:
"X - 20"" (500mm) to 25.6"" (650mm)
Y - 20" (500mm) to 25.6" (650mm)
Thickness: 0.39” (10mm) to 1.25” (32mm)
Can accommodate tubular frame stencils, cast frames and space saver stencils.
Simply remove the adapter to use 29" x 29" stencils
For smaller stencil sizes, the adapter can stay in the machine and you simply need to slide the stencil in and out when changing stencils.
Paste Height Monitor
Effective solution designed to prevent defects caused by inadequate paste on the stencil
Utilizes advanced software and sensor technology for monitoring the paste bead for volume consistency
When a low paste level is detected, paste can be added automatically using the dispenser or manually
Easy to use, robust and highly accurate
SPI Print Optimizer

Produce consistent & accurate print results
Reduce or eliminate operator “tweaking”
Prevent defects instead of just identifying them
Compensates for uncontrollable or difficult to control process variables