Universal - Insertion Machine - Single-Head Jumper Wire 88  
  High-Reliability Jumper Wire inserter with zero waste
     -  33,000 CPH
     -  Zero Scrap - zero scrap leads
     -  Highest reliability in the industry (75 ppm)
     -  Programmable clinch angles 25 to 75 from vertical
     -  Manual Load or Automatic PCB Load/Unload  
     -  Simple-to-use operator environment:
     -  5 to 33mm spans

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  Zero Scrap
The Jumper Wire 88 utilizes a
precise, servo-driven wire feed
mechanism to feed the exact length
of wire required for insertion and
clinching in the board without any
scrap leads.
Long Tool Life
Robust tooling endures an extensive
life span of approximately 10M -
15M insertion cycles, depending on
the material composition of the wire
being utilized.
  Servo-Driven Wire Feeding
The servo-driven wire feed delivers
precise feed lengths into the
insertion head to eliminate scrap.
Servo-Driven Axis
The SH JW 8HS utilizes servo-driven
axis to improve speed, accuracy and
reliability, while reducing
maintenance and setup
  Wipe Clinch
The wipe-only, servo-controlled
clinch offers programmable clinch
angles from 25° to 75° off the board.
Low-Maintenance Lead Screw on
Head and Clinch

The Teflon-coated insertion head and
clinch lead screws are virtually
maintenance free, requiring very little
attention over the machine life cycle.