Cogiscan – Machine Connectivity


The electronics manufacturing industry is hyper-focused on
creating an intelligent, connected manufacturing environment
to achieve Industry 4.0 goals. The foundation of any connected
factory requires connectivity between all of the machines and software systems used to operate and run the factory… and you struggle access to your complete production data.

Cogiscan – Machine Connectivity

For the last 20 years, Cogiscan has provided the leading smart factory solutions to leading manufacturers and equipment vendors within the SMT industry. Co-NECT is the foundational tool to seamlessly share data across the entire manufacturing ecosystem, including Cogiscan’s other TTC Applications.

The solution: Co-NECT

Co-NECT is a standalone, neutral connectivity machine interface that can run on any machine or computer. Co-NECT is the first step to achieving a fully connected smart factory. Helping you retrieve and share machine data across your entire manufacturing ecosystem, Co- NECT guarantees you access to the best machine data available.

Enables machine-to-machine (M2M) communication.

Enables closed loop solutions.

Seamlessly exchanges data between both new and legacy equipment.

Performs bi-directional communication.

Takes any data format from any machine on the input side.

Outputs standard protocol and message formats simultaneously including CAMX, SECS/GEM, ZVEI, XML, and CFX.

Key Features

Adapts to every customer’s manufacturing ecosystem
Supports all present and future industry standards
Supports all proprietary interfaces from leading equipment and software vendors
Compatible with Cogiscan’s TTC Platform