Hover-Davis – SP Series Panasonic

Hover-Davis – SP Series Panasonic

 The preferred feeder for Panasonic® placement machines, Hover-Davis SP Series tape feeders offer outstanding value, and are easy to use and maintain. They are splice compatible and enable non-stop operation – eliminating feeder swapping and reloading.

– Plug & Play compatibility 
– Electronic pitch selection 
– Smooth tape index 
– Reverse index tape drive 
– Deeper pocket depth 
– Simple, electronic pick point adjustment and calibration 
– Tape splice compatible 
– On-board diagnostics 
– Easily customized for special applications 
– Convenient reel basket for easy set up and operation

Machine compatibility: 
Panasonic® MPAV2, MPAG3, MSF, MCF, 
BM and IPAC. 

Tape compatibility:
EIA-481 compliant materials 

SP Series, Panasonic® compatible tape feeders are designed for reliable operation in a durable, ergonomic design. 

They require very low maintenance while accommodating tape widths up to 120 mm as well as deep pocket components. 

SP Series feeders offer versatile electronic multi- pitch operation. Pitch selection via a selector button means that a single feeder can be used for several component pitch types.

The result is that less feeder inventory is required compared to traditional fixed pitch feeders. 

SP feeders index all pitch lengths in a single, motor-driven operation. This is much faster than a pneumatic feeder which needs to activate the cylinder several times to achieve the required movement. SP feeders can increase machine throughput and add to your bottom line. 

SP Series also offers a reverse index tape drive. This feature dramatically reduces component loss during set up.

Two standard reel sizes are available, 15” or 19”. Maximum pocket depth is between 4 mm and 22 mm, depending on tape width (8 mm up to 120 mm). This eliminates the need for custom feeders. 

The SP Series incorporates many unique features, like self diagnostics and electronic calibration, that make operation simple, servicing minimal and cost of ownership the lowest in its class.