Hover-Davis – SSF SiPlace

Hover-Davis – SSF SiPlace

 Compatible with SiPlace® family placement machines, SSF feeders are specifically designed to enhance line operation and productivity.

– Plug & Play compatibility 
– Broadest component range capability 
– Quick and easy tape loading 
– Modular design, user serviceable 
– Reliable electronic tape drive with reverse indexing 
– Slow speed mode option for sensitive components 
– Simple, electronic pick point adjustment and calibration
– Feeder status indicator 
– Large capacity cover tape reservoir 
– On-board diagnostics 
– Comprehensive 2-year warranty

Machine Compatibility:  
SiPlace: C, F, S, H and D X Series with Schultz Interface: X, 

Tape Compatibility: 
EIA-481 compliant materials

Maximum Pocket Depth:
Single Lane Models: 14 mm; Triple Lane: 2.54 mm

SSF Series – SiPlace® compatible tape feeders from Hover-Davis are specifically designed to enhance line operation and productivity.

Each has been designed using the many years of experience we have in component feeder technology. Far from being copies, the SSF range incorporates many unique features that make operation simple, maintenance minimal and cost of ownership the lowest in their class.

The use of stepper motor technology means that tape indexing is fast and repeatable. Component loading is simplified by the SSF shutter-less design and exclusive reverse index tape drive feature.

SSF feeders are plug & play compatible and require no modifications to either the machine or placement programs. 

Standard SSF triple lane feeders are interchangeable with SiPlace Silver and Gold models. An optional SLc (SL Compatable) version SSF triple lane feeder utilizes an alternate tape window for plug & play compatibility with SiPlace SL model feeders.

SSF feeders are 100% user serviceable. Readily available parts and support allow you to enjoy uncomplicated cost of ownership.

As with all Hover-Davis products, SSF tape feeders are supported by our global sales and service network. A comprehensive 2-year warranty package and readily available spare parts ensure peace of mind.