Vanstron – NG /OK unloader/ Dual lane magazine unloader

Vanstron – PCB HANDLING EQUIPMENT – NG /OK unloader/ Dual lane magazine unloader

Product Introduction

Automatic NG/OK Unloader/ Dual magazine unloader – CE full regulation 

Used after AOI. The OK and NG PCB after being tested by AOI can be separated and sent to the PCB racks.

Technical Specifications:

  1. Magazine capacity: top 2 + down 4, total 6 magazines
  2. Selectable pitch 10mm up to 80mm
  3. Auto/Manual run modes
  4. Diameter 3mm edge Flat ESD belt
  5. Component clearance: top 80mm bottom 20mm
  6. Power: AC220V/110V, 50/60 HZ, 1 phase
  7. Air Pressure: 5kgf/cm2 
  8. PCB Convey Direction: L-R ( Or R-L) 
  9. Front rail fixed ( or rear rail fixed)
  10. Conveyor height:900+-20mm
  11. Conveyor speed: 10m/s

Magazine max pcb width available at 250mm(S), 330mm(M), 390mm(L), 460mm(X)

Model NoDescriptionMagazine SizeMax PCB Size
SUL250D250mm Magazine NG Unloader355x320x563 mm350×250 mm
SUL330D330mm Magazine NG Unloader460x400x563 mm460×330 mm
SUL390D390mm Magazine NG Unloader535x460x570 mm535×390 mm
SUL460D460mm Magazine NG Unloader535x530x570 mm535×460 mm