Vanstron – Vacuum Loader for bare boards

Vanstron – PCB HANDLING EQUIPMENT – Vacuum Loader for bare boards

Product Introduction

The Bare Board Loader is used for automatically loading unpopulated boards at the beginning, or in the middle of a PCB assembly line. The bare boards are lifted one by one from the stack by vacuum and are gently lowered onto the belt segment, ready for the downstream machine.


  1.  Touch screen (OP panel) +Controlled by Mitsubishi PLC
  2.  Bare boards loader mode & By-pass mode selectable
  3.  Complete top safety visual window with interlock for CE standards
  4.  Adjustable vacuum stubs positions provide a better way to hold the PCB’s
  5.  Automatically positioning the shuttle distance and accurate release the PCB on the conveyor rail.
  6.  Sucking stability improved by using robust vacuum generator system.
  7.  Width adjusting system by hand crank. Electrical width adjustment available on request.
  8.  PCB production throughout counter available
  9.  International SMEMA interface
  10.  Self diagnostic Error Code display
  11.  Direction from left to right, or right to left (optional).
  12.  CE certificates supported
  13.  PCB width: 50 – 460mm
  14.  PCB length: 80 – 500mm
  15.  Max PCBs Capacity – 400 pcs (0.6mm thickness)
  16.  PCB Time Feed – Approx. 10 seconds