Vanstron – Space save-Multi Magazine Loader

Vanstron – PCB HANDLING EQUIPMENT – Space save-Multi Magazine Loader

Product Introduction


The Space save type -Multi Magazine Loader is designed for loading of PCBs. The unit loads your production line automatically by pushing PCB’s out of a magazine onto the conveyor of the down-stream machine. Connect with SMT and AI productions line, safety design ensure not to break any PCB when it is pushed and thus reduce defect rate. With high accuracy, automatic counting, fault alram functions, it is required for a full range of automatic equipment. 

Technical Specifications:

  1. Magazine capacity: Top 1,down 2;
  2. Selectable pitch 10mm up to 80mm
  3. Auto/Manual run modes
  4. Diameter 3mm edge Flat belt (ESD)
  5. Component clearance: top 80mm bottom 20mm
  6. Power: AC220V/110V, 50/60 HZ, 1 phase
  7. Air Pressure: 5kgf/cm2 
  8. PCB Convey Direction: L-R ( Or R-L) 
  9. Front rail fixed ( or rear rail fixed)
  10. Conveyor height:900+50/-20mm( standard height for SMT application)
  11. For AI application, please specify the height requirements

Magazine max pcb width available at 250mm(S), 330mm(M), 390mm(L), 460mm(X)

Model No    DescriptionMagazine SizeMax PCB Size
ASL250    250mm Magazine Loader355x320x563 mm350×250 mm
ASL330    330mm Magazine Loader460x400x563 mm460×330 mm
ASL390    390mm Magazine Loader535x460x570 mm535×390 mm
ASL460    460mm Magazine Loader535x530x570 mm535×460 mm