Fuzion – Platform

Universal – Surface Mount – Fuzion® Platform

Fuzion® Platform

For electronics manufacturers who demand an agile, flexible production model without limitations, Fuzion® is the pinnacle of platform performance. Fuzion is the industry’s most adaptable and capable platform, delivering profitable productivity for any manufacturing model from NPI to ultra-high volumes. Fuzion drives operational excellence, enabling manufacturers to build any product at any time, accelerate new product introduction and ramp to volume, and maximize utilization, quality, and yield.

Fuzion™ enables manufacturers to accommodate the most
diverse revenue stream and produce a full range of products in
a lean environment – build any product at any time, accelerate
new product introduction and ramp to volume, maximize
utilization, quality, and yield. Fuzion enables operational
excellence to deliver considerable cost savings, increased
productivity and ultimate profitability.

  • 1, 2, 4-beam variants
  • Extra-capacity (XC) models with up to 272 feeder inputs
  • Versatile multi-task odd-form (OF) model
  • Throughput up to 140,000 cph per module
  • Industry-leading cost per placement, flexibility and accuracy
  • Largest board size capability
  • Closed-loop processes to ensure the highest yields
  • Maximum performance and utilization for any volume/product mix
  • Comprehensive toolset to accelerate NPI and achieve 100% first-pass yield
  • Ability to prototype on a single module
  • Lowest cost of operation and ownership

Fuzion software

Fuzion NPI – 100% first-pass yield

Fastest time to market, highest yieldsƒ 

– Sequential process for complete board build
ƒ- Production-ready first piece
– Dynamic Editing – No taped boards needed, no waste ƒ 
– Simple, menu-driven process
ƒ- Get into production quickly, efficiently, and effectively ƒ 
– Reduce scrap and repair costs

Manufacturing Execution Software

Connect. Streamline. Control.
The Dimensions software suite features powerful NPI solutions and changeover tools to accelerate product introductions, as well as turnkey shop floor control tools that provide real-time visibility and analysis to maximize utilization and track and trace materials during production.