Universal – Insertion Machine – Radial 88HT

Universal – Insertion Machine – Radial 88HT

Flexible Radial sequencer / inserter for high productivity

the enduring standard
for through-hole automation

  –  22,000 CPH
     –  Highest reliability in the industry (300 ppm)
     –  Component replenishment without machine stoppage
     –  Manual Load or Automatic PCB Load/Unload
     –  Configurable sequencer (In-Line or Straight-Back)
     –  Multiple clinch option
         –  N (Standard, Long, Short-lead)
         –  Inward (for high-density applications)
     –  Component Verifier
     –  Simple-to-use operator environment:
         –  Graphical user interface 
         –  Network connectivity, USB ports and CD-ROM 
         –  Optional touch-screen interface 
         –  Optional offline programming software

Radial 88HT

Flexible Radial sequencer/inserter for high productivity

The Radial 88HT brings a new level of productivity to radial component sequencing and insertion, offering consistently high throughput regardless of component type.

New for Radial 88HT

• Higher throughput – faster X/Y table, operator-free Missing Part Auto-repair
• Bad Clip Bypass
• Adjustable radial clinch height for
sensitive component requirements
• Tall Part Kits available for larger radial
• Quad Span capability

Radial Head Tooling Options

Tooling to accommodate a variety of applications – field reconfigurable.
• Single Span 2.5mm
• Dual Span 2.5/5.0mm
• Triple Span 2.5/5.0/7.5mm
• Quad Span 2.5/5.0/7.5/10.0mm

Green Machine

The Radial 88HT is the most economical
radial insertion machine available with
the lowest utility costs for electrical and
pneumatic requirements.
• 5% less power consumption than
• 50% less electricity and 8% less
pneumatic than alternative solutions

360° Insertion Angle

Insertion heads are servo-driven for
precise and rapid component
insertion. The insertion tooling may
be rotated from 0° to 360° in 1°

Component Verifier

Allows for the on-line verification of
value and polarity of the components to
be inserted. This reduces the risk of
inserting defective, out-of-sequence or
incorrectly oriented components.

Sequencer Configuration Options

Available in-line or straight-back
sequencer configurations to
accommodate a variety of factory
layouts. Expandable from 20 stations
up to 100 stations in 20-station

Component Feeding

Sequencer feeds components to
machine from reels or ammo packs.
Generation 88HT features new jam-
resistant designs, alternate feeder
capability and double-index feeders
for higher speed and increased

Odd-form Component Capability

Automate non-traditional odd-form
components in tape, including LEDs,
terminals, connectors, fuse holders,
power resistors and eyelets. Improve
product quality and output per floor
space, while reducing associated
labor costs.

Board Handling Options

Machines are available with either
manual-load or automatic PCB
handling configurations, including full
magazine-to-magazine loader/

Servo-Driven Axis

The Radial 88HT utilizes servo-
driven axis to improve speed,
accuracy and reliability, while
reducing maintenance and setup
requirements. The Radial 88HT
increases table move speed 60%
over Radial 88.