Fuzion – OF

Universal – Surface Mount – Fuzion Odd-form

FuzionOF – Odd-form assembly made standard

The fastest and most versatile
high-speed automation platform

Transform back-end assembly into a strategic advantage

  • ƒ  Single-beam platform with throughput up to 16,500 cph
  • ƒ  Full range of SM components to pin-in-paste and all oddparts in between
  • ƒ  0201 – 55mm square (SFoV) and 150mm square (MFoV)
  • ƒ  Components up to 33mm tall, up to 5kg placement force
  • ƒ  Adjustable gripper and full array of odd-form nozzles; broadtooling portfolio
  • ƒ  Highest online capacity, widest range of feeder input types
  • ƒ  Improve output and yields vs. manual assembly;accelerate ROI with rapid payback

Mainstreaming odd-form for enduring profitability

A Shift in Focus – Adapting with Flexible Automation

With today’s volatile labor rates, reduced time-to-market requirements, and greater product complexity, electronics manufacturers are being challenged to uphold margins and profitability. While the focus has historically been on optimizing upline efficiency, there is a significant opportunity to boost productivity by enhancing end-of-line odd- form assembly processes.

Comprehensive Odd-Form Automation Solutions

Universal Instruments delivers the most flexible customer-focused solutions for your automation challenges. Our years of implementing odd-form solutions on a standard surface mount platform continues today with the best-in-class
capabilities of our flagship FuzionOFTM Platform.

  • Complete solutions for any market or application
  • The industry’s broadest experience/knowledge base – 20+ years
  • The fastest and most versatile high-speed automation platform: surface
    mount, odd-form, pin-in-paste, and semiconductor 
  • Commonality with existing Universal platforms 
  • Complementary through-hole and complex automation platforms enable
    simplified single-vendor solutions