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Universal Instruments’ FuzionSC™ Platform

Are high precision die and chip applications increasing your manufacturing costs while lowering your yields, resulting in decreased profits?
Universal Instruments’ FuzionSC™ Platform offers a complete solution to flip chip package applications by blending the strict accuracy demands of Semiconductor assembly with the speed and robustness of Universal’s Fuzion Platform. With the ability to handle all facets of flip chip assembly, FuzionSC reduces operating and capital costs by maximizing throughput per floor-space.

semiconductor performance
at surface mount speeds

  • Silicon/SMT, high-accuracy/high-speed assembly
  • High accuracy: (±10µm, < 3µm placement repeatability)
  • Dual- or single-beam, multiple-spindle heads
  • Full range of die and component types and sizes
  • Versatile substrate handling
  • Broadest range of feeding platforms
  • Low-maintenance, accurate over time
  • Vision robustness recognition of pins or logic pads
  • Stacking support (POP)
  • Low-force capability

FuzionSC Models & Specifications

FuzionSC1-11 – Flexible configuration delivering best-in-class throughput and accuracy for semiconductor applications. Offers the widest component range without reconfiguration.

FuzionSC2-14 – High-volume configuration delivering best-in-class throughput and accuracy for semiconductor applications. Maintains superior flexibility over dedicated solutions to support technology changes.

One solution for all advanced packaging challenges

  • ƒ  Accuracy: <10μm, speed: 16K cph, area: 813 x 610mm
  • ƒ  Any feeding option (wafer, tray, tape, tube, bulk, direct die)
  • ƒ  Place high-accuracy actives and passives on one platform
  • ƒ  Pick and place on any substrate, including thin/flex
  • ƒ  Advanced Process Lab (APL): Leading-edge process andmaterials expertise; process optimization, failure analysis