Fisnar – Axes Dispensing&Coating System

Fisnar – Axes Dispensing&Coating System

Model F9960N Detail

The F9960N precision dispensing & coating system has been designed as a multi-tasking robot for work cells that require enclosed operational performance. An interactive touch-screen display provides simple programming.
The F9960N is an enclosed robot platform engineered for safe secure dispensing and coating applications from small SMT circuit boards to larger PCB’s and finished assemblies. Accurate and repeatable selective conformal coating machine for moderate volume, or as an integrated module that is part of a pass-through conveyor fed production line in high-volume manufacturing environments.

Model F9960N Multi-task 3-Axes system 230VAC


– Large dispensing and coating work area 600 x 600mm

– Suitable for many dispensing and coating applications such as, form-in-place gaskets, encapsulation, spray coating, themal grease, underfill and sealing

– Performs continuous path and point-to-point motions

– Operator fail-safe. high clearance,safety security door

– 7″(178mm) touch-screen programming

– Software nozzle/tip change alignment routine for quick and automatic program offsets

– Step-and-repeat functions – program one object only for multiple identical objects

– On board 100 programs, 1,000 points per program

– Simple hook up of fume extraction unit (unit not included)

F9960N System Specifications

X/Y/Z Work area (mm):600 / 600 / 200
Maximum tool load:7 kg.
Max speed XYZ:500 / 500 / 500 (mm/sec)
Processor:Main 32 bit, 900Mflops
Motor:X=400W, Y=200W non-brake, Z=100w brake
Drive sys:AC servo ball screw
Motion Control:PTP & CP (3D line, circle)
Teaching method:Touch screen programmer
Programs:100 programs – 1,000 points/program
I/O signals:23 inputs & 23 outputs
External interface:RS232C
Power supply:AC 230V – 50-60Hz 15A
Power consumption:1,000W (max)
Dimensions (WxDxH):47.24″ x 51.18″ x 72.44″
 (1200 x 1300 x 1840mm)
Weight:869 lbs. (395 kg)